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Three Interesting Adobe Photoshop Projects

Creative specialists are always thinking of ways to create new new Photoshop projects that extend their particular and Photoshop’s abilities. Photoshop is now an art form and using its versatility it can create any result! Here is a couple of our creative projects which have been acknowledged for innovative thinking the founder’s ability and abilities with Adobe Photoshop.
Although, the centaur is a favorite project among Photoshoppers, it’s still a design endeavor that requires skill to be done and artistically. It involves merging two images, one of a horse and one of a human by cutting out the mind of the horse and substituting it with the upper half of a body. Of course for it to look ‚real’ and not badly put together, mixing of textures in addition to using many and blurring filters to provide a appearance. One centaur picture employed a top layer of a leaf to cleverly create a ‚fairytale’ .

Age Changing:

Cassio Braga, Photoshop and design specialist, recently established among the very interesting Photoshop projects by changing a photo of a young 7 year old girl into an old woman, showing how she may look when she’s 70. He discovered among the young girl, two pictures and among the older woman. Then he started the alteration from young to old cleverly using a layer mask Very and layers slowly and delicately, he made areas observable, so that the aged lines started to appear on the face of the young girl. Adding filters and changing the hue enabled a transition which recreated the young girl’s head to that of the elderly woman.

Recreating Pop Art:

Experts of Photoshop now can create ‚Pop Art’ using vector drawing tools in Photoshop and Illustrator. Using a fashionable photograph, with the expressions ‚pop art’ images, draw around the components in Illustrator outlines that Pop art uses. Hide the picture, then color in utilizing bright colours. After making your Pop art face, then transport to Photoshop in which halftones will help you create the ‚Pop art’ effect. With Adobe Photoshop, you can create images which are magical surreal or quite real from a simple image or photograph!

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