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Create a Panoramic Photo in Adobe Photoshop

Steps to creating a panoramic Photograph with Adobe Photoshop:

The objective of this article is to show you the way I followed to create my first panoramic photo. Do not expect to discover a complicated procedure – all it’s done in several simple steps. What I did was to sew two images together… and the result came out quite good. I shall explain each step as we proceed:

For this tutorial, we’re likely to use Adobe Photoshop and we’ll load in the images that are likely to be stitched together. You can just use drag & drop from Explorer to the Photoshop work area, it’s the quickest approach.

Second step: Document menu -> Automate -> Photomerge… This will create you a rough preview of what will be your panoramic photo. At some point, the corners will look distorted, in among the merged images. And there is a fast way to get that fixed as well.

The application used is Vanishing Point which you may find in the Filter menu. You may use it to eliminate the corners that (eventually) appear as a result of picture blending.

If your background needs to be assembled for different reasons (for instance you shot the two shots at different angles in the vertical plan), there is a one more instrument which can take action. It is known as Clone stamp tool, and you can get it from the toolbar at the Essentials display mode, or easier, by pressing S on your computer. It will have the ability to re-create background, corners, cracks, whatever you may have to have to be able to cover all of the black regions. Remember you may need a pattern which needs to be replicated for that.

Once you’re done with this, you can say you get a panoramic photo. You have successfully managed to put together two images and make it look like one shot. The upcoming steps on are totally your choice. You’ve „one” picture, feel free to play it as much as you want!  

Hope you will find this tutorial useful when creating your own panoramic photographs. Photoshop will help you the exact same way it helped me. And the good part is you may do it without learning tons of stuff. Enjoy!

I have published the exact same tutorial on my blog, with more information and picture examples.

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